IML label holders

Wide range of supports

The key feature of the IML label is decorating similar plastic items made of PP, HDPE, PS, SMMA, PET, SAN and barrier materials Producing a label of the same material means that the finished product acquires added value, better resistance and makes it fully recyclable at the end of its life.

Polypropylene labels

Polyethylene labels

Polystyrene labels

SAN labels

Product categories

Long-life food containers

Superior quality labels perfectly matched to market requirements

Functional and durable. These are the essential characteristics of long-life food labels.
Functional, ensuring that the application process is as efficient as possible and resistant to the most extreme sterilisation processes or dishwasher washing for prolonged reuse over time.
Very high white opacity, colour brilliance and colour uniformity throughout the print run. The highest image definition is ensured.


Labels that enhance and support your promotions

The quality of our printing finds its highest expression in the decoration of promotional items.

There are no limits to shapes and sizes. Iridescent effects, glossy/matt contrasts, soft touch, metallic or holographic foils. Labels embellished without compromising their durability over time.


The watchword is ‘stand the test of time’

Some industrial sectors require IML decorations with a long service life. The label’s mechanical strength and the colours’ lightfastness are uncompromising in these areas

The market demands to handle VARIABLE DATA, and our Variable Digital Code labels are protected with glossy or matt laminations for the most extreme uses. There is no limit to the size of our labels, which can be up to 600 x 1,170 mm.


Research and development of special effects

Continuous research and development of materials and processes allow us to offer novel IML labels with:

Iridescent effects
Glow in the dark
Glossy/matt contrasts
Soft Touch
Metal foils
Holographic foils


We can also offer

Double-sided IML Labels
IML labels with high ink opacity
IML labels with variable data
IML labels on materials and technology for Oxygen Barrier
IML labels with non-slip finish (trays)
IML labels in special materials such as polystyrene, SMMA and SAN
Small IML labels
Writable IML labels
IML fabric effect labels

Durable over time

4Labels IML Durable has perfected different types of products to respond to the ever-changing market. Our labels can withstand heavy handling, mechanical stress and prolonged exposure to sunlight. Materials, paints and adhesives are carefully selected to meet even the highest demands regarding durability, resistance to high temperatures, acids, scratches and more.

Our labels cover countless plastic articles made of Polypropylene, Polyethylene, Polystyrene, SMMA, Polyester, SAN and barrier materials.

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