IML labelling: Always Eco friendly

In the IML labelling process, the label becomes an integral part of the item because it is produced with the same labelled plastic.
The plastic can be recycled once its life cycle is complete, generating more plastic or clean energy.
This is the foundation of the sustainability of IML labelling. The ink, varnishes and glues used in the production of IML labels are tolerated and processed by modern recovery processes that allow plastics to have more lives.

We will always believe that it is not plastic that pollutes but the irresponsible behaviour of those who use it.


Durable rhymes with Reusable

Now more than ever, there is a need to make plastic products reusable again and again. Our decorations fully meet these needs by allowing you to keep the decoration and its message unchanged over time, use after use.

Plastic, if used consciously, is not harmful to the environment.